Ford Whips Pooches into a Lather for International Dog Day with Mobile Pup-Pampering Pop-Up

Cute pooches are treated to a relaxing pampering session using the new Ford Puma’s innovative and flexible MegaBox, and a whole lot of elbow grease

What would we do without our trusty canine friends? They guide us, alert us, protect us and entertain us, but most of all, they’re our best pals. Ford celebrated this close bond by treating our four-legged passengers to a luxurious pampering session to mark International Dog Day.

Our mobile puppy parlour was made possible by the new Ford Puma’s innovative MegaBox – a versatile 80-litre storage space in the rear of the car. The waterproof MegaBox features a drain plug that makes it easy to clean – for example after storing dirty sports equipment – and making it the perfect luxury puppy bath. 

Watch the video here:

Meet the pups

Say hello to:

Lottie, the Bichon Frise

Oscar, the Cockapoo


Lilliput, the Maltese

Amelia, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Evie, the Boston Terrier


Thinking outside the box

Cleaning dogs after a park run is just one way to take advantage of the Ford MegaBox. In addition, it can be used to securely store delicate items like groceries, flowers, or even ice. Vertical space is increased by 267 mm, and the extra depth ideal for transporting unstable items such as houseplants and golf bags in an upright position.




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