Transit Chasiss Cab

Transit Chasiss Cab

Made to work, built to last

Bodystyles and up to 7 person capacity

Single and Double Cab ‐ L1 through to L5 (Short, Medium, Long, Extended Frame and Extra Long): room for up to seven people in the Double Cab: choose a Transit Chassis Cab and you can configure a vehicle that’s right for your business.

Single Cab

Double Cab

Single Chassis Cab

L2 Medium Wheelbase

L3 Long Wheelbase

L4 Extended Frame

L5 Extra Long Wheelbase

Double Chassis Cab

L3 Long Wheelbase

L4 Extended Frame

L5 Extra Long Wheelbase

Driving Experience

Wherever work takes you, the Transit Chassis Cab will keep you comfortable and connected. For example, you can use voice control to make and take calls on the move from your well-equipped, stowage-filled cab. A range of other innovative features also maximise the vehicle’s effectiveness and practicality out on the road.

Maximum cornering control

Torque Vectoring Control reacts to the road surface 100 times per second. (That’s 33 times faster than the blink of an eye.) Using this information, it balances the amount of power delivered to each of the two front wheels. This maximises grip and sharpens handling, helping you round corners and over undulations in the road.

Control features that adapt to your load

Load Adaptive Control adjusts the Electronic Stability Control according to the overall weight your Transit Chassis Cab is carrying. This ensures control and stability whether empty or fully loaded.

The Transit Chassis Cab is designed to deliver maximum utility. It also incorporates features and technologies specifically designed to help you. As soon as you’ve experienced them, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them.

Go hands-free with SYNC 3

SYNC 3 is our most advanced version to date. It’s faster and easier to use, with enhanced voice commands and even more functionality. The new interface has larger buttons for improved usability, and the colour Touchscreen now features pinch-and-swipe gestures found on smartphones and tablets for even more intuitive navigation. SYNC 3 also features AppLink, Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto, to display your smartphone’s information on the touchscreen.

In the driving seat

The driving seat is fully adjustable, along with the steering wheel (both for rake and reach), so you can find your ideal driving position. There’s a built-in armrest too, while adjustable lumbar support, heated seats and a power adjustable driver’s seat are options. In fact, while providing commercial vehicle standards of durability, the seats are designed to be as comfortable as those you’d find in a car.

Ford Easy-Fuel, for foolproof filling-up

This useful technology makes it almost impossible to put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, because the wrong nozzle simply won’t fit. Even better, as Ford Easy-Fuel is a capless system, you’ll never have to handle a dirty fuel cap again.

Open and close your windows with a single touch

At the touch of a button you can fully open or close all windows.

A range of all-new Ford EcoBlue 2.0 litre TDCi engines offer increased power and, at the same time, deliver improved fuel economy and lower emissions. In addition, they already meet strict Euro Stage 6 emissions standards. Combined with technologies that include Smart Regenerative Charging, Acceleration Control and Auto-Start-Stop, Transit Chassis Cab is designed to minimise your fuel bills, lower your cost of ownership and maximise the return on your valuable investment.

Ford EcoBlue TDCi engines

Transit Chassis Cab’s all-new Ford EcoBlue 2.0L TDCi engines combine outstanding performance and power with lower fuel consumption and emissions. To lower running costs further, service intervals are now up to 36,000 miles or 2 years, whichever occurs first. Available in three power outputs of 105 PS/ 360 Nm, 130 PS / 385 Nm and 170PS / 405 Nm, there’s an option to suit your needs.

An additive that removes pollution

A selective catalytic reduction system uses AdBlue®, a urea/water-based fluid to convert NOx emissions in the exhaust gas into nitrogen and water. A particulate filter then reduces more than 99% of emitted solid particulates from the vehicle’s exhaust. To operate correctly, the AdBlue® tank of your Ford EcoBlue diesel engine must be filled with AdBlue® fluid. System warnings illuminate when fluid level becomes too low.

Acceleration Control helps you drive more economically

This innovative option controls the rate of acceleration according to whether your vehicle is un-laden or part-laden. As a result, you can expect to lower your fuel consumption by up to 15%, depending on your driving style. The technology can also help reduce the amount of wear and tear on the engine, brakes and tyres, along with other components.

From taking the stress out of hill starts to a system that can eliminate excessive wheelspin: a long list of technologies can assist you. There’s also a wide range of safety systems to help protect you, your vehicle and its cargo.

Stay in control whatever the conditions

Electronic Stability Control constantly monitors your vehicle’s progress. It senses when a vehicle is losing grip and automatically applies a braking pulse to individual wheels, stabilising it. Using advanced sensors from the anti-lock braking and Traction Control System it monitors the behaviour of the vehicle.

Maximum grip with minimum effort

An advanced Traction Control System eliminates excessive wheelspin and gives you the best possible grip, performance and stability, just when you need it most. The system constantly monitors and adjusts the power delivered to the vehicle’s individual wheels ensuring maximum contact and grip when you’re accelerating.

Ford Transit Chassis Cabs are renowned for their versatility and flexibility, and are the ideal platform for a wide range of special applications and bespoke conversions. With low cost of ownership too, your investment will quickly prove a smart business decision.

A solid base for conversion

Throughout the entire development process, we worked closely with the bodybuilding industry to ensure that all standard body types, and most bespoke solutions, can be fitted easily and efficiently with little or no modification. With low frame rails, integral body mounting points and robust high tensile steel frame construction, Transit Chassis Cab provides a strong and reliable base for virtually any conversion.

Chassis features

     •  Flat, strong ladder-frame enables a wide range of body conversions to be fitted

     •  Four Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) variants, from 3,100 kg to 4,700 kg 

     •  350HD (Heavy Duty) version available for operators requiring greater trailer plate loading flexibility from a 3,500 kg GVM; 7,000 kg GTM vehicle

     •  Wheelbase and overhang dimensions suitable for industry-standard or non-standard body sizes

     •  Standard-width door mirrors accommodate body sizes up to 2,170 mm. Long arm mirrors are available for bodies up to the legal maximum of 2,438 mm. 

     •  Robust inverted closed ‘top hat’ section pressed high tensile steel frame (double ‘top hat’ for 350HD and 470 models)

     •  Integral body mounting points and bolt-on rear frame overhangs, where required

     •  Bolted closing member allows chassis length to be customised without welding

     •  Higher centre of gravity suspension as standard, to cope with large bodywork

     •  Electrical connections for additional exterior lighting, where required

     •  Side exit exhaust

Room for the crew

Transit Chassis Double Cab is a great solution for moving both crew and load at the same time. Wide-opening doors provide easy access to the spacious, well thought-out interior. While the dual front passenger seat and standard rear quad seat together offer comfortable accommodation for up to seven occupants, including plenty of under seat stowage possibilities.