The benefits of having your Ford serviced by us
Vehicle Service & Repair
Having your Ford serviced regularly at one of our participating Dealers can help provide peace of mind by identifying any issues early. It can also minimize the risk of any major repair expenses, maintain your vehicle’s health and its resale value.

Is your Ford in need of a service or MOT? Why not book a service online or via your FordPass App.

FordPass lets you easily request a service, and keeps a digital record of your service history so you can ditch the paperwork.

Ford Scheduled Service
Having your car or commercial vehicle serviced in line with our scheduled service recommendations ensures the details are recorded in your vehicle Service Portfolio or in the Ford Digital Service Record system, minimising the risks of major repair expenses and enhancing its resale value.

Our Ford scheduled services are specifically tailored to your vehicle type, engine and transmission based on mileage and age, carried out by our Ford-trained technicians using genuine Ford Parts.

Ford Essential Service
One Service, one price. Our Ford Essential Service is a comprehensive service designed specifically for older Ford cars and commercial vehicles regardless of model, carried out by our Ford-trained technicians using Ford Motorcraft parts.

Our Ford Essential Service provides the essential maintenance and checks, including oil and filter replacement, and provides an alternative servicing option outside the Ford service schedule recommendations for only £189 RRP at participating dealers.

The best place to get new tyres for your vehicle is your local Ford Dealer. We offer brand names at attractive prices, and our specialists can provide you with all the information you need, including choosing the right tyres for your Ford.

Ford Accident Management
Get expert advice on vehicle recoveries, repairs and courtesy cars with our accident advice service, free for all Ford customers: 0203 564 4444